Talks and Media

Talks - past and upcoming.

At the current time we have no talks planned, but watch this space!  Or get in touch if you’d like us to do a talk at an event at [email protected]

Past Talks

Recordings of talks given by Paul Greenwood of SYTHI.  If you would like Paul to do a talk for your organisation or group please do get in touch to discuss.  We also hope to be offering some online talks in the future.

1. ‘Looking at the Familiar in an Unfamiliar Way – for the Arboricultural Association, April, 2021.

Opening screen shot for Youtube recording of webinar with Paul Greenwood and Geoff Monck

Webinar – Understanding the Yew

In this webinar, ‘Understanding the Yew Tree’, hosted by the Arboricultural Association (24.03.2021) you can hear Paul Greenwood of SYTHI talk on ‘Looking at the

Articles and Media connected to SYTHI

  • Paul was mentioned in a Daily Record article about the William Wallace yew in The Daily Record reported on the Wallace Yew in March 2021
  • A report from SYTHI’s field trip to Argyll in October 2021 was included ein the Tree Register Newsletter No. 30 
  • SYTHI was consulted for an article on Scotland’s veteran trees in Historic Scotland Magazine Autumn 2022.  Paul also provided some of his images for this.  See here
  • On the topic of the sale of Inchlonaig in 2023 there was a lot of coverage in the media, including an article in Country Life online which had a direct link to the SYTHI website and Paul’s writings about the island.
  • Paul was interviewed by journalist George Mair about Inchlonaig, and an article quoting him appeared in the Telegraph newspaper on 26.06.2023.
  • Whilst we were pleased to see a NatureScot blog on yew trees titled ‘The Elusive Yews of Northern Scotland’ and it’s obvious reference to the SYTHI website, we were disappointed the author did not actually name SYTHI nor acknowledge SYTHI as the first to discover the second yew on the isle of Bernera whilst on a field trip sponsored by the Tree Register.