Webinar – Understanding the Yew

In this webinar, ‘Understanding the Yew Tree’, hosted by the Arboricultural Association (24.03.2021) you can hear Paul Greenwood of SYTHI talk on ‘Looking at the Familiar in an Unfamiliar Way’ and Geoff Monck talk about his investigation into the health of Yew tree population in a location in the South of England.   Paul has also written an in-depth article following up in more detail a particular aspect to the yew’s botancial history which is touched upon in the webinar.  Please see ‘Yew (Taxus) – A Sensational Survivor’ on this website.  With thanks to the Arboricultural Association for permitting sharing of their recording.

Arboricultural Association – Understanding the Yew. 24th March 2021