Meet Scotlands' Yews
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Why are Yews Special?
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Scotland and the Yew
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Welcome to the World of Yew
The yew tree baffles botanists, intrigues historians, inspires artists, offers us refuge and stillness, and is an astounding example of resilience and the ability to adapt to circumstances.
What Makes Yews so Special?
Is There a Yew Near You?
Use the map or listings to discover your nearest yew. You'll find wonderful images and fascinating historical information about each site. It will be updated as we visit and record more sites.
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Living Witnesses to Scotland's History
The yew is deeply interwoven with the lives of characters and events in Scottish history for over 1,000 years, making it an integral part of Scotland's story.
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The yew tree is unique.  Its presence in the myth and history of many cultures, and its recognition as Yggdrasil – the Norse World Tree – as well as the Tree of Life, or Tree of God in other cultures, highlights its significance.  Humans have had a proven special relationship with yew trees for around 400,000 years in both the material and spiritual realms.   This extraordinary connection continues to enthuse and inspire people to this very day.

The yew is particularly entwined with many people and places that have significantly influenced Scotland’s history.  Scotland’s Yew Tree Heritage Initiative (SYTHI) aims to record the yew population in Scotland to raise awareness of it and improve its protection because it is at risk.   We share with you our passion for yew trees, and hope you enjoy exploring and deepening your own connection with them.



The Yew tree itself is a remarkable phenomenon biologically, ecologically and esoterically.

Botantists puzzle over how to classify it, dendrochronologists struggle to age it, artists get inspired by it, cultural myths and esoteric concepts hold it at the centre. It has provided a sense of haven, peace and stillness, and a symbol of resilience for countless people.

The Initiative

Scotland’s Yew Tree Heritage Initiative (SYTHI) aims to record and raise awareness of the unique and globally significant Yew tree heritage that exists in Scotland.SYTHI wants to ensure the protection of this irreplaceable part of Scotland’s history, culture, myth and mystery.

Connecting with yews

You are welcome to explore the yews documented by SYTHI so far here, there are many more to be recorded. If you know of a yew not listed please contact us via email below.