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A range of articles exploring the yew tree from botanical, biological and arboricultural perspectives.
Yew leaves

The yew as a remover of air pollution

Some very recent and exciting news.  A press release from Surrey University, England in January 2024, reports how “of those studied, Yew (Taxus baccata) was

Photograph of a yew tree with significant storm damage, in Borrowdale

Yew (Taxus) – A Sensational Survivor

This in-depth article explores in comprehensive detail a particular aspect to the yew’s botanical history touched upon in the Arboricultural Association online webinar – Understanding

Opening screen shot for Youtube recording of webinar with Paul Greenwood and Geoff Monck

Webinar – Understanding the Yew

In this webinar, ‘Understanding the Yew Tree’, hosted by the Arboricultural Association (24.03.2021) you can hear Paul Greenwood of SYTHI talk on ‘Looking at the

Yew leaves

Leaves of the Tree

“And the Leaves of the Tree shall be for the Healing of Nations” Revelations; 22.2 In recent decades, a new chapter has been added to

Internal stems inside an ancient hollow yew

How Old Can a Yew Tree Become?

This question has perplexed yew research for centuries. It remains unanswered, because the truth is, we do not know. However, studies carried out in Britain

The Fortingall Yew

What’s So Special About Yew Trees?

A well-known wow factor about yew trees is that they can live for a very, very, long time. Dendrochronology can prove yews can live to